• General

    Is there template demos available?

    Sure, all the templates have a live demo see them here .

    What does free updates mean?

    When you purchase any Lexington product, any improvements to that product will always be free for anyone who owns that product.

    Individual templates: any enhancements made to a specific template will be provided to you at no additional cost as part of your original purchase.

    So if a bug gets fixed or upgrade the template you can This includes bug fixes or upgrades to the template's utilization of the most recent versions of Astro, Alpinejs, or Tailwind CSS. If a new template is released, it is considered to be a distinct product that can be purchased on an individual basis. Alternatively, you can purchase the bundle, which includes all templates available.

    Bundles: you will receive access to all presently available site templates, as well as any future templates or component packages that are introduced, at no additional expense.

    Essentially, this implies that if a new website template or component package is added to the Lexington Bundle, you will be able to access these items as part of your original purchase, without incurring any additional fees for upgrading. Additionally, all templates are included in the bundle.

    Note: When a template is updated and requires breaking changes, the latest version will be removed from the library and it will be replace with the newest version.

    You are responsabile to download it from your library files from Lemon Squeezy.

  • Compatibility

    Are design files included?

    No, design assets for tools like Figma, Sketch, Penpot or Adobe XD are not included.

    I do not offer or produce design files as part of my own design and development process, so building these extra resources means I can't spend as much time creating new templates in code which is where I believes I can provide the most value.

    What JS framework is used?

    I am not using any Framework, all the templates are built using Astro.Build but some of the components are built using Alpine.js. I am using Alpinejs on toggles, tabs, sliders, pricing table toggles, hamburguer menus,...

    I belive that to make the templates less opinionated, I would leave the customer to choose the stack they want now that you can add any framework on Astro anytime.

    Do you update the templates constantly?

    The templates are always going to be updated to the last versions available. If you have a purchase a template, and there's breaking changes, we won't update the template on our end. That would just complicate things, is recommended to do it on your end.

    What browsers are supported?

    The templates in Lexington Themes are designed to work in the latest, stable releases of all major browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Arc and Edge.

  • Technnical

    Do I need to know HTML and CSS?

    In order to personalize the template, it's crucial to have a grasp on the basics of HTML and CSS. Distinguishing between these two languages and familiarizing yourself with their syntax and terminology is essential to effectively modify the template. If you require assistance, there are numerous online resources, including tutorials and forums, that can help you with HTML, CSS, Javascript/jQuery, and more. Here's a brief list of some particularly helpful online resources:

    Can I install the template on a CMS?

    Additionally, is not allowed with CMS platforms such as WordPress, Blogger, Joomla, Drupal, Ghost, or any other similar systems. It is specifically meant to be used as a standard website on the web. If you do so, your license will end.

  • Licensing

    How does the license work?

    You can read more about the licenses right here

  • Support

    Do you offer technical support?

    Read more on the support page here here