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License Agreement

By purchasing a Bundle you are being granted a license to use these files for specific uses under certain conditions.

  • Lexington Themes grants the user an ongoing, non-exclusive, worldwide license to utilize the digital work.
  • You are licensed to use the Item to create unlimited End Products for yourself or for your clients and the End Product may be sold, licensed, sublicensed or freely distributed.

Personal License

Personal License is defined as using purchased “Items” individually and not as a part of a company, business, non-profit, or any other organization of any kind. However, Personal Use is also defined as using purchased “Items” for Commercial Work, company projects, businesses and so on, if you aren’t employed by such enterprises. I define Commercial Work as any work that isn’t done for Personal Use. Synonymous terms include Contracted Work and Client Work.

Team License

Lexington Themes grants you an on-going, non-exclusive license to use the UI Kits.

The license grants permission for up to 20 Employees and Contractors of the Licensee to access and use the UI Kits.

Rules attached to Personal & Team licenses

You *can :

  • Use the UI Kits to create unlimited End Products.
  • Modify the UI Kits to create derivative components and UI Kits. Those UI Kits are subject to this license.
  • Use the UI Kits to create unlimited End Products for unlimited Clients.
  • Use the UI Kits to create End Products where the End Product is sold to End Users.
  • Use the UI Kits to create End Products that are open source and freely available to End Users.

You *cannot :

  • Use the Components or UI Kits to create End Products that are designed to allow an End User to build their own End Products using the Components or UI Kits or derivatives of the Components or UI Kits.
  • Re-distribute the Components or UI Kits or derivatives of the Components or UI Kits separately from an End Product.
  • Use the Components or UI Kits to create End Products that are the property of any individual or entity other than the Licensee or Clients of the Licensee.
  • Use the Components or UI Kits to produce anything that may be deemed by Unwrapped AB, in their sole and absolute discretion, to be competitive or in conflict with the business of Unwrapped AB.


*Allowed by the license

  • Creating a website for your company
  • Creating a website or web application for a client that will be owned by that client
  • Creating a commercial SaaS application where end users have to pay a fee to use the application
  • Creating a commercial self-hosted web application that is sold to end users for a one-time fee
  • Creating a web application where the primary purpose is clearly not to simply re-distribute the components or UI Kits that is free and open source, where the source code is publicly available

*Not Allowed by the license

  • Creating a repository of your favorite Lexington Themes components or templates and publishing it publicly.
  • Creating a React or Vue version of Lexington Themes and making it available either for sale or for free.
  • Creating a “website builder” project where end users can build their own websites using components or UI Kits included with or derived from Lexington Themes.
  • Creating a theme or template using the components or UI Kits and making it available either for sale or for free.
  • Creating an admin panel tool that is made available either for sale or for free.
  • Creating any End Product that is not the sole property of either your company or a client of your company. For example, your employees/contractors can’t use your company Lexington Themes license to build their own websites or side projects.
  • Using the Components or UI Kits in a “website builder” service where users can assemble their own sites using these resources, even if the resulting websites or pages are hosted under the provider’s domain as subdomains and cannot operate independently of the provider’s system.

Other license terms:

You are not required to attribute or link to Lexington Themes in any of your projects.

All the rights for photographs and illustrations used in the UI Kits are reserved by their legal owners and are presented in the UI Kits for demonstrating purposes.

Lexington Themes will not be responsible for any outcome that may occur during the course of usage of our resources.

Compulsory law

If you are found to be in violation of the license, a refund may be issued at our discretion. When license violation is blatant and malicious no refund will be issued.

The copyright of the Lexington Themes Kits is owned by Unwrapped AB. You are granted only the permissions described in this license; all other rights are reserved. Unwrapped AB reserves the right to pursue legal remedies for any unauthorized use of the UI Kits outside the scope of this license.


Unwrapped’s AB liability to you for costs, damages, or other losses arising from your use of the UI Kits — including third-party claims against you — is limited to a refund of your license fee. Unwrapped AB may not be held liable for any consequential damages related to your use of the UI Kits.

This Agreement is governed by the laws of Mariehamn, Åland Islands and the applicable laws of Finland. Legal proceedings related to this Agreement may only be brought in the courts of Mariehamn. You agree to service of process at the e-mail address on your original order.

If you have any questions, please email me at michael@andreuzza.comm

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