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Alfred ⏤ $99 · SaaS
Screenshot of Alfred interface showcasing financial solutions, with 'Trusted by the world's most innovative teams' banner and client logos such as Dropbox and Mailchimp. Below are buttons for 'Start using Alfred' and 'Learn more
Navy ⏤ $99 · SaaS UI Kit
Navy theme interface displaying a dark mode financial dashboard with vibrant purple accents. Features include secure payment processing, user-friendly interface, and easy navigation. Client logos like Dropbox and GitHub are shown for trust endorsement.
Flabbergasted ⏤ $99 · SaaS UI Kit
Flabbergasted theme preview with a colorful, modular design layout for a cryptocurrency platform. It features sections for the latest news, resources, secure wallets, instant transactions, multi-currency support, staking rewards, and an NFT marketplace.
Brightlight ⏤ $99 · SaaS
Brightlight email service theme highlighting privacy and end-to-end encryption, with a clean and organized white layout. The interface showcases various features like secure payment processing, easy registration, and customizable settings, alongside mobile app screenshots demonstrating the service's user-friendly design.
Buio ⏤ $99 · SaaS
Buio theme display, featuring a sleek dark mode interface with blue accent colors. The theme highlights dynamic, interactive charts, live data insights, and advanced charting tools for data analysis. Logos of trusted companies like Notion, GitHub, and Adobe showcase industry endorsement.
Spazio Bianco ⏤ $99 · SaaS
Spazio Bianco  display, featuring a light theme with blue highlights and a clean, professional layout. The theme includes various section templates for analytics, code snippets, mobile app interfaces, and financial dashboards, emphasizing its adaptability and responsiveness for SaaS platforms.
Semplice ⏤ $99 · SaaS
Semplice theme layout for a blockchain-based platform, with a clean and modern design in white and purple. It features sections for decentralized data storage, cryptocurrency trading, and secure transactions, alongside mobile app views for trading and wallet management.
Vanta ⏤ $99 · Learning
Vanta theme showcasing an online learning platform interface with a dark, elegant design. Features personalized learning paths, interactive discussions, and progress tracking, highlighted in a layout optimized for educational experiences. The theme promotes hands-on learning with sections for course listings and instructor profiles.
Enlightr ⏤ $99 · Learning
Enlightr theme for an online learning platform, featuring a light and fresh design with pastel color highlights. It displays sections for course discovery, personalized learning paths, and instructor-led classes, along with pricing cards for popular courses, aiming to create an inviting and informative user experience.
Snowpeak ⏤ $99 · SaaS
Snowpeak theme display for technology and lifestyle websites, featuring a clean blue and white interface with mobile app screenshots, coding tools, and blog sections. Key features include user-friendly project management, streamlined workflows, and vibrant lifestyle articles, complemented by partnerships with notable tech companies.

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  • "I bought a beautiful theme from Lexington a couple weeks ago. I didn't know Astro at the time, but Michael helped me get set up and really went above and beyond with his support. Now I'm happily redoing my site to look gorgeous with his template."



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  • "Michael is one of the best designers on Twitter, would highly recommend his Lexington Themes if you want something in tailwind that doesn’t look the same as everyone else!"

    Alex Hughes

    Alex Hughes

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