What's included

  • No subscription required — all-access license are a one-time purchase, Lexington Themes will never charge you again after the initial payment.

  • Unlimited projects — Lexington Themes license allows you to use and rehuse the templates, UI Kits and components as many times you want and need.

  • Lifetime access — get instant access to everything we have today, plus any new themes we add in the future.

  • Free updates — any improvements we make, new components we build, and new templates we design are included with your original purchase.

  • Support — When you purchase the bundle, you will have a access to Lexington's discord channel where you will learn about new aditions and updates and ask any questions needed.

  • Every UI kit and template available — UI Kits built with modern and easy to use technologies like Tailwind CSS and Astro.

UI Kits and templates

Beautifully designed Astro and Tailwind templates! ━ Save months of time and build your startup landing page in minutes.

Semplice A simple and clean UI Kit with more than 70 section, 40 demo pages and 100s of components.

Navy Navy is dark and modern website template for a techy startup

Flabbergasted Flabbergasted is a super modern neo brutalist UI KIT.

Brightlight Brighlight is simple, clean and modern website template for any startup

ProFolioX ProFolioX is a website template crafted for developers and designers

Snowpeak Snowpeak is a fun and simple UI Kit website template

Phanatik Phanatik is a simple, clean and classic website template for your next blog.

Buio Buio is a beautifully design UI Kit that allows you to put together pages from different categories.

Flaco Flaco is a modern dark website for freelancers

Spaziabianco Spaziobianvo is a superb UI KIT for your Saas or product with beautifull and lots of layouts.

Aubergin Aubergin is a landing page for your productized service

Hemingway Hemingway is a fully blown modern blog for bloger and no blogers.

Author The ultimate blog template for anyone looking to own a stunning and fully-functional blog website

Prima Persona A stunning template for your blog, personal website or store in light and dark mode.

Streamer Streamer is the home for your podcast.

Built with Astro.js Each templates and UI Kit is well structure and organized as Astro components converting them on a perfect codebase easy to adapt to your needs with 100s of different configurations.

Ready to deploy, just write your copy. Astro supports both static output (SSG) and live server output (SSR). No matter what you choose to build, Astro's flexible adapter system makes deployment setup and configuration a breeze.

You choose your path Astro provides excellent support for popular front-end tools like React, Vue, Svelte, and Tailwind CSS, allowing you to bring your own component framework. You can start using Astro without the hassle of complicated configuration, and get up and running in just a few seconds.

Hassle free customization Tailwind's utility classes have been used to style the templates right in the markup. Simple CSS and configuration variables are not necessary; simply open the markup in your editor and make the changes you desire.

Lifetime access

No subscription required ― After the initial payment, there will be no more charges for all-access licenses.

Unlimited ― Purchase the license once and use the templates and components for as many projects as you like.

Free updates and content ― New templates, components, and versions are included.


Reviews and opinions

  • "Amazing resource using @astrodotbuild and @tailwindcss! I got it a week ago and have found the contents really useful. 5/5"

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✺ Unlock all templates and UI Kits and own it forever for $199

Get lifetime access to all UI Kits available today, plus any new UI Kit and templates added!


Beautifully designed HTML, Astro.js and Tailwind themes! Save months of time and build your startup landing page in minutes.